USB 2020 MCC.

The Evolution of Guide To USB 2020 MCC.

USB 2020 is a high speed two channel statistics acquisition board that gives simultaneous sampling at quotes up to twenty MS/s in keeping with the channel. Users can pattern statistics from each channel at a typical charge of forty MS/s to the sixty-four mega sample onboard reminiscence or constantly onboard reminiscence or constantly circulate statistics to a number pc at up to eight MS/s for one or each channel over a high pace USB 2020 MCC connection.

Each channel has its own A/D converter for simultaneous sampling to remove channel skew and maintain certain segment statistics among channels. Flexible triggering and gating guarantee statistics gating guarantees statistics are obtain while needed.

The clock I/O entry permits acquisitions to be managed via way of means of the onboard clock or via a form of means of an external clock supply for packages that require user-provided pacing. The board offers sign connections thru 4 available BNC connectors and a forty pin auxiliary connector.

USB 2020 MCC: Overview

However, The USB 2020 MCC is a excessive pace  channel records acquisition board that manage to pay for a simultaneous sampling at costs up to twenty MS/s in line with channel. Users can pattern records from each channel at an common fee of 40 MS/s to the sixty four mega pattern onboard memory, or constantly move records to a number pc at as much as eight MS/s for one or each channel over a excessive-pace USB connection.

USB 2020 Each channel has its very own A/D converter for simultaneous sampling to put off channel skew and make certain section statistics among channels maintained. Flexible triggering and gating make certain records are received while needed. The clock I/O input we could in acquisitions to be managed thru manner of approach of the onboard clock or thru shape of approach of an out of doors clock supply for programs that require consumer provided pacing. The board affords sign connections thru four popular BNC connector sand a 40 pin auxiliary connector.

External Clock I/O

USB-2020 analog input scanning operations can also additionally be paced with the internal A/D clock or with an outdoor clock source. The CLK IO connector can also additionally be configure thru software program for input for out of doors pacing, or for output to pace a associated device. The CLK IO connector can also additionally be configure thru software program for input for out of doors pacing, or for output to pace a associated device.

Trigger Input

So The USB-2020 helps virtual and analog triggers and gates, and every kind has software program selectable configurations. Digital triggers can also additionally be configure for growing or falling areas or for excessive or low degrees. Analog triggers can also additionally be configure for above or underneath software program-selectable degrees or for growing or falling areas with software program selectable hysteresis. Digital gates can also additionally be configure for excessive or low degrees. Analog gates can also additionally be configure for excessive or low degrees or in or out of the software program selectable window. An analog experiment ought to have a cause or a gate; however, now no longer each. So, for example, an analog cause can now no longer be used at the identical time due to the fact the TRIG IN BNC connector is getting used to gate.

Digital I/O: USB 2020

The USB 2020 presents eight virtual I/O traces at the 40-pin auxiliary connector. When a chunk is configure for entering, it ought to hit upon the country of any TTL degree input. In USB 2020 Each DIO channel is an open drain that ought to sink as lots as 100 and fifty mA for direct pressure programs while used as an output.

External Pull-Up Capability

Since, Digital inputs are pull excessively through default to five V thru 40 seven Ohm resistors at the circuit board. The pull-up voltage is now no longer an uncommon place for all 40 seven Ohm resistors. The pull up pull down country can also additionally be modified from a header on the board. An out of doors pull-up resistor also can drag the DIO bit as lots as a voltage that exceeds the internal five V pull-up voltage (15 V maximum).

BNC and 40-Pin Auxiliary Connectors

The USB 2020 presents four fashionable BNC connectors for each analog input, cause input, and clock I/O. Use stylish BNC cables to attach the BNC woman connectors. USB 2020 The board additionally is compose of a 40-pin auxiliary connector for the eight virtual I/O, five V electricity outputs, and an exchange cause to input the connection. USB 2020 The indicators from the 40-pin extra connector require a one after the other bought cable.

Features: USB 2020

  • Two 20 MS/s simultaneous sampling analog inputs
  • 12-bit resolution
  • Sixty-four mega pattern onboard memory 40 MS/s typical charge to onboard memory while obtaining from each channels eight MS/s throughput to host PC.
  • Analog and virtual triggering and gating
  • Internal or outside pacing of analog scans
  • Eight virtual I/O lines
  • BNC and 40 pin header for sign connections supported Operating Systems
  • Windows® 10/eight/7/Vista®XP 32/sixty four-bit
  • Linux®

Software: USB 2020

  • Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows 8/7/Vista®/XP 32/64-bit
  • Universal library (UL), ULx for NI
  • LabVIEW™
  • Ready-to-Run Applications InstaCal™ (install, configure)
  • DAQami™ Advanced Data Logging
  • Application (acquire, view, and log)
  • TracerDAQ® (acquire, view, log)

Supported Programming Environments

  • Visual Studio® and Visual Studio
  • NET, such as examples for Visual
  • C++®, Visual C#®, Visual Basic®,
  • Visual Basic .NET , and other
  • IDEs
  • LabVIEW (Windows only)

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